tarot deck list

The Oracle and the Traveler of Vessels from the Slow Holler Tarot.

Master List of Tarot and Divination Decks I Own

leave a comment if you'd like me to review any of these and I'll see what I can do.

  1. 1JJ Swiss

  2. Äkta Spåman Magical Super Oracle Cards

  3. Äkta Spåman Tarot

  4. Aquarian Tarot

  5. Cat Tarot

  6. CBD Tarot de Marseille

  7. Ceccoli Tarot

  8. Chronicles of Destiny

  9. Dali Tarot

  10. Deck of 1,000 Spreads

  11. Delos Tarot

  12. Divine Feminine Oracle

  13. Empty Cup Oracle

  14. Energy Oracle Cards

  15. Fantod Pack

  16. Fifth Spirit Tarot

  17. G* Witch Fortune Telling Deck

  18. Halloween Tarot

  19. Hillbilly Tarot

  20. Kuan Yin Oracle

  21. Le tarot de Marseille by Fournier

  22. Light Grey Tarot

  23. Literary Witches Oracle

  24. Magic Neko Oracle Cat Cards

  25. Manara Tarot

  26. Marshmallow Marseilles

  27. Medieval Scapini Tarot

  28. Miss Cleo’s Tarot Power Deck

  29. Movie Tarot

  30. Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot

  31. Odd Bods Playing Cards

  32. Open Portals Playing Cards

  33. Original Rider-Waite Tarot

  34. Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand

  35. Portable Fortune Playing Cards

  36. Prisma Visions Tarot

  37. Psychic Tarot

  38. Silhouettes Tarot

  39. Siréne Tarot*

  40. Slow Holler Tarot

  41. Smallest Tarot in the World

  42. Smith-Waite Centennial Edition in a tin

  43. Storyworld Cards

  44. Synchronicity Oracle Deck

  45. Tarot de Maria Celia Marseille Deck 

  46. Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

  47. Tarot of the Spirit

  48. Thoth Tarot Pocket Sized

  49. Under the Roses Lenormand

  50. Vanessa Tarot

  51. Vertigo Tarot Second Edition*

  52. Vice Versa Tarot

  53. Weave Storytelling Redefined Game

  54. Whimsical Tarot

  55. Wild Unknown 1

  56. Wild Unknown 2

  57. Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle

  58. Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

  59. Wildwood Tarot


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