where to buy zines

An ever-growing list of zine distros and zine makers I trust and buy from!


Crapandemic - World's only goth zine distro!! Run by Midwestern zine vet julia eff & friends, dedicated to the cut & paste life with a Hot Topic soundtrack. Zines for outcasts, by outcasts. Scoring points for passion and persistence.

EscapeArtist - The ultimate resource for RiotGrrrl zines on Etsy! Includes vintage zine packs to instantly make your collection cooler, as well as original zines and artwork by zine queen Jolie Ruin.

Portland Button Works - specializes in making custom buttons and magnets in addition to their zine distro, a growing selection of zines, comics, and books on a variety of topics.

Pocket Thoughts - hilarious illustrated zines by Ryan.

Sea Green Zines - hosted by Nyx, zine enthusiast extraordinaire!

Feral Publication - anti-capitalist comics and radical merchandise by Rich.


Warglitter Zines - home of funny zines full of nostalgia, reflection, and personal growth.

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