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Spring Break, woo!

This week has been relaxing,fun,  and -- most importantly -- not productive! It's Spring Break and I've been looking forward to seeing family members for weeks. I talk to my cousins, Rachele and Annie, pretty much every day, and for a while now I've ended every conversation with "I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS!"  Rachele's daughter Jocelyn turned 6 on Sunday, and Rachele planned a socially distanced birthday party in her backyard for Jocelyn and a few kids from her class. This was a big deal. Jocelyn's birthday party was at the trampoline park last year, and her party was the last sort of normal thing we did before everything went on lockdown. I was in total denial about coronavirus being a big deal and then our school system canceled school on the Friday before Spring Break. There was definitely some conversation about whether or not we should be gathering for a party, but most of us weren't that nervous, yet.  Since then I&#

Kooky Party! Kooky Party! Kooky Party!

  Allow me to introduce you to Kooky Party, a monthly zine where I will explore tarot, nostalgia, personal growth, and whatever else is going on that month. Issue Zero follows the Fool, or at least attempts to. You can buy yourself a copy in my shop or we could set up a trade. He re's what's inside: Introduction to The Fool and how this archetypal character can help reflect on the virtues and shadows of foolishness. Collages and handwritten pages reflecting the month's theme. A tribute to Dolly Parton's anthem "Dumb Blonde" Film recommendations An homage to the Clown: The Patron Saint of Outcasts by Jason "evil" Covelli A messy essay about Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein by myself, an annoyed fan. An essay by Lil Moss on cannabis January Mix and Diary Entry