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Zine Tutorial // Cheap and Easy 16 page zine w/ Craig Atkinson

On my channel today, special guest star, Craig Atkinson! Craig is the person behind Coffee & People and fiveoclockzine zine reviews. He was kind enough to make this tutorial for a cheap and easy 16 page zine in the style of his first two issues of C&P. Check it out!

being nice is not the opposite of hating someone

Note: I originally wrote this on September 28, 2015. Rereading it now, I realize it was the beginning of this project I've been calling Warglitter. back in november 2012, a friend of mine died after a long battle with disease. i hadn’t spoken to her in a while, but she was the kind of person who made sure she let everyone know how much she loved them, so when she died, i didn’t have to worry. i knew where we stood even though i hadn’t talked her in a while.  i am not that kind of person. i feel a desire to be affectionate all the time, but i am not a very affectionate person (besides hugs. i mastered hugs long ago). after my friend’s death, i decided that i wanted to be the kind of person who, if something happened to me, the people who mattered to me and who i loved wouldn’t have a doubt in their minds regarding where we stood. i felt pressure to be a kinder, nicer person in addition to being as genuine as possible.  this created a complication. i am sort of notoriously th