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Give us the album!: Carly, Queen of Tease

It's been nearly 4 years, and the Queen of Tease has given us a b-side ep, three individual songs, and an epicly cute music video, but we still wait for the announcement of a new album. However, Carly has graced us with a clue that the announcement of a release date is upon us, and it it seems appropriate that on the eve of this most anticipated moment that I would finally write a few words about the best album of the decade, E*MO*TION , and one of my new all-time favorite music videos. I don't know what I want from this new Carly Rae Jepsen album, but I need her to figure it out. At the end of the year every year since 2015, Run Away With Me , the first track of E*MO*TION , has been my most listened to song of the year. I was in the car with my husband, recently, and said to him as we were listening to that album, “I'm ready for a new album to mean this much to me.” I thought that album was going to be Lorde’s Melodrama , and although it do enjoy that album, it w

New Review! Glitterwurst Zine Distro!

Today, I finally put this video review together. I think I filmed it in February while riding on a spurt of productive energy, but once it was time to edit the thing, I'd run out of steam. Sam Schmitt runs Glitterwurst Zine Distro and makes gorgeous zines about queerness, living with disability, and neurodivergence. In this review, I talk you through copies of All In Your Head Zine, which you can purchase in Sam's Etsy store here:

Q&A: Warglitter Issue 2 and How I decide what my zines should be about

Just a girl and her selfie stick in the back yard. I answer some viewer questions and show you some zines! If you have a question you'd like me to answer in a video, feel free to leave a comment below.