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being nice is not the opposite of hating someone

Note: I originally wrote this on September 28, 2015. Rereading it now, I realize it was the beginning of this project I've been calling Warglitter. back in november 2012, a friend of mine died after a long battle with disease. i hadn’t spoken to her in a while, but she was the kind of person who made sure she let everyone know how much she loved them, so when she died, i didn’t have to worry. i knew where we stood even though i hadn’t talked her in a while.  i am not that kind of person. i feel a desire to be affectionate all the time, but i am not a very affectionate person (besides hugs. i mastered hugs long ago). after my friend’s death, i decided that i wanted to be the kind of person who, if something happened to me, the people who mattered to me and who i loved wouldn’t have a doubt in their minds regarding where we stood. i felt pressure to be a kinder, nicer person in addition to being as genuine as possible.  this created a complication. i am sort of notoriously th

Give us the album!: Carly, Queen of Tease

It's been nearly 4 years, and the Queen of Tease has given us a b-side ep, three individual songs, and an epicly cute music video, but we still wait for the announcement of a new album. However, Carly has graced us with a clue that the announcement of a release date is upon us, and it it seems appropriate that on the eve of this most anticipated moment that I would finally write a few words about the best album of the decade, E*MO*TION , and one of my new all-time favorite music videos. I don't know what I want from this new Carly Rae Jepsen album, but I need her to figure it out. At the end of the year every year since 2015, Run Away With Me , the first track of E*MO*TION , has been my most listened to song of the year. I was in the car with my husband, recently, and said to him as we were listening to that album, “I'm ready for a new album to mean this much to me.” I thought that album was going to be Lorde’s Melodrama , and although it do enjoy that album, it w

Why You Should Make Zines

What the heck is a zine?  This is my least favorite question and it’s also the one I’m asked the most frequently. The reason I hate this question is because there isn’t really a good short answer. As soon as you try to define what a zine is, you find yourself excluding someone who definitely makes zines but they don’t fit your exact definition, This is because zines are so flexible. They are as individual as the people who make them. That being said, I tend to see two physical formats of zines. These are not the only way to make zines but they are the ones I see the most: Folded in half and stapled or sewn (like a booklet) can be a variety of sizes. One-pager cut in the center and folded into a 6 page book. Ok, so it’s usually a little book. What is a zine about? It can be about anything, and this is where zines really become difficult to define because if it can be about anything, then what makes it a zine? For me, what makes a zine a zine is that it is small press, often


If you aren't following Rich's channel, you need to go subscribe to FeralPublication . Rich makes and releases quality videos and comic zines, and is one of the most encouraging people in the community. In this video, Rich shares his ideas on my zine, Warglitter Issue 1 , and actually makes me feel a little less kooky for thinking about the things I think about. He's an absolute gem, so go show him some love. "Lates!"

Pocket Thoughts Annual #1: Collab Zine

Pocket Thoughts Annual 1  is a collaborative zine featuring comics, writing, and illustrations by a bunch of my friends and myself. Concept and editing by Ryan Ewing. My contribution is a page called "random thought on a tuesday," which is exactly what it was. This zine is 16 pages, black & white, and also includes art and words by Ryan Ewing ,  Richard from Feral Publications ,  Crash Reynolds ,   Craig Atkinson ,  Jaime Nyx ,   Sunny D , and  Rachel from Word Tonic . Thank you to Ryan for putting together this zine community time capsule. Check out his Etsy shop and buy some zines:

The Silver Guitar: A Short Story Zine (february 2019)

The Silver Guitar: A Short Story Zine (february 2019) In 2012, I  saw Jens Lekman perform for the first time. After the show, I talked to him and was so impressed with how long he was willing to listen to each of his fans, never indicating through social cues that they should move on so he could talk to the next fan in line. I felt like I would never be able to give myself to so many so freely. In 2013, I took a creative writing class and our teacher asked us to rewrite a fairy tale or a myth. I chose the myth of Orpheus, and since he was known by ancient Greeks to have the most beautiful voice in existence, I cast Jens in the role of Orpheus. I'm still not sure how that sinister guitar got in there... reviews: fiveoclockzines (Instagram) zinesarenotdead (Instagram)