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fiveoclock zine review

 Craig was kind enough  to ask for a copy of "Guilt" to review back when I first posted photos of it on my instagram. You can see this  zine review  and MANY others on his instagram:  @fiveoclockzine

Intro to Warglitter Zines

Welp, now this is happening! My first video for my youtube channel. It's all about ZINES!

Zine Review; Glitter Bays

a really nice review of my zine "Guilt" from Rich on his youtube channel for Feral Publication . Rich is both kind and radical, and he regularly reviews zines for his channel. his videos are always professional-looking and make me want to contact the zinster to get my own copy. check out his channel. you can also follow him on his gramstgram: @feralpublication

"That's the Way Love Is" by Jens Lekman

I just love the "Maple Leaves-esque" drums and all the harmonizing at the end.