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How to Make Zines // D.I.Y. Publishing!

A short look at issue 1 of Warglitter -- before and after completion. I hope this gives you ideas for putting together a zine of your very own. I printed out the individual essays after laying them out in columns on Google docs, and then I cut them out and glued them down in the order they needed to be in to make a book. If you have any questions about anything I mention in the video or maybe suggestions for future videos, leave me a message in the comments below! Special guest: Peanut the Boston Terrier. See if you can spot her!

Zine Review; Carly Rae Jepsen Fan Zine

In this episode of Ryan's Pocket Thoughts , Ryan finally answers a question asked by most zinesters on Instagram: Who fucking makes a zine about Carly Rae Jepsen? I did. And it's awesome. Check out this short and sweet review on Ryan's channel to find out why, and be sure to check out his other videos and hit the subscribe button while you're there.

Warglitter: Issue 1 (november 2018)

Warglitter: Issue 1 (november 2018) Warglitter is a tangled investigation of identity and persona. This issue discusses family history, creativity, and witchcraft. Its 20 black and white pages feature personal essays, drawings, and poetry with cover art by Jason Covelli.  kind words about Warglitter Issue 1: Feral Publication (YouTube) fiveoclockzine (Instagram) Sea Green Zines (site) Zine Love (site) zinesarenotdead (Instagram)

fiveoclock zine review

 Craig was kind enough  to ask for a copy of "Guilt" to review back when I first posted photos of it on my instagram. You can see this  zine review  and MANY others on his instagram:  @fiveoclockzine

Zine Review; Glitter Bays

a really nice review of my zine "Guilt" from Rich on his youtube channel for Feral Publication . Rich is both kind and radical, and he regularly reviews zines for his channel. his videos are always professional-looking and make me want to contact the zinster to get my own copy. check out his channel. you can also follow him on his gramstgram: @feralpublication

"That's the Way Love Is" by Jens Lekman

I just love the "Maple Leaves-esque" drums and all the harmonizing at the end.

My First Job (september 2018)

My First Job (september 2018) In high school, I wanted to be a filmmaker, but the closest I could get was working the concession stand in a move theater. Folded one-pager completely hand drawn and written in black and white.  kind words about My 1st Job: seagreenzines  (site)

Guilt: A Perzine (april 2018)

Guilt: A Perzine (april 2018) Guilt is an irreverent, 16-page account of the time I stole something when I was about 10 years old and then felt really bad about it. Handwritten because people always compliment my handwriting. 1/4 page. Day-glo yellow card stock cover and black and white pages. kind words about Guilt: Feral Publication  (youtube)  fiveoclockzine  (i nstagram) lucysullivanuk (Instagram)

This Kiss: Carly Rae Jepsen Fanzine #1 (march 2018)

  (currently unavailable) This Kiss: Carly Rae Jepsen Fanzine #1 (march 2018) This Kiss is what I expect to be the first of a three-volume tribute to Carly Rae Jepsen. Designed in the style of mid-90's riot grrrl zines, but with an appropriate level of pop sweetness. Eight pages packed with a quiz, trivia, a personal story, and collages. Not quite 1/2 page size. Hot pink card stock cover with black and white pages.  kind words about Carly Rae Jepsen Fanzine1:  Ryan Ewing  (YouTube ) SeaGreenZines (site)

Zine-in-a-Day Zine (2014)

  Zine-in-a-Day Zine (2014) As the title suggests, this is a zine I challenged myself to make in one day. At the time, it was difficult to find zinesters who hadn't been in the game for 20 years and/or weren't super intimidating. The self-published comics scene was hot, though, so I started this zine by drawing a mermaid and ended up with a fairytale about lesbians in space. Folded one-pager completely hand drawn and written in black and white.  kind words about Zine-in-a-Day Zine: seagreenzines  (site) 

Meeting my hero, Jens Lekman, who is probably the nicest man in show business.

I met Jens on October 16th after his show in Atlanta. He was everything I expected and more. 100 people crammed into the lobby after his show and waited to see him. Everyone pressed in against each other, but gave him about an 18 inch radius of space. Someone handed him a beer, but he never really got to drink it. The entire room felt tense, everyone murmuring to their friends quietly in anticipation. My knees felt stiff and I kept lifting my feet in my motorcycle boots and shifting from side to side. I knew Jens would take the time to talk to every single person in the Variety Playhouse that night. I’ve read from his fans all over the world that he is very generous in this respect. He was so gentle with everyone and let each person talk to him in their own time. He never cut anyone off or gave any social cues that their time with him was over and they needed to move on and let the next person walk up as though he were merely an autograph and photo factory. I couldn’t do that. An